"My business is not to remake myself, But to make the absolute best of what God made."

~Robert Browning

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Night Turned Special

You can't deny laughter; when it comes, it plops down in your favorite chair and stays as long as it wants.  ~Stephen King, Hearts in Atlantis
This past Friday was Michael’s birthday.  He had to work Friday and Saturday, trying planning anything was not really possible.  He works twelve hour shifts.  We usually go out to eat with my sweet brother & sister-in-law about once a month.  We are so fortunate that Mandy and Ronny can usually meet us. 
Anyway, after a long day at work Michael decided he wasn't too tired to go out to dinner.  We were going out for our routine dinner with these wonderful people.  Sweet Haley joined us this time...she is so cute.  We went to one of our favorite places.  We went to eat Habachi style.
Someone told the Hibachi Chef –Chef Donnie it was Michael's birthday….everything took off.  We all laughed so much.  No one brought a camera, because it was suppose to be just another routine dinner with family.  This picture was taken by Mandy using her phone. 
I had tried to work something for Sunday with family, but there was scheduling conflicts.  So, the impromptu Saturday night created an unexpected celebration.  Who would have thought a routine night out would have turned into so much laughter?  I know what you are thinking…must have been alcohol involved….FYI…NO alcoholic beverages were served all night.  It was just fun with a wonderful group of people. 
Mandy, Ronny, Monty, Tammy and Haley thank you for meeting us for dinner. Thank you for all the laughter and love. Thank you for making Michael’s birthday a little extra special.  It started out as a routine dinner and it was anything but routine.  THANK YOU!!!! 

Hopefully, I will have Cali’s birthday pictures here soon. The pictures of the adults sliding down the inflatable slides are great. Good time and Great Memories.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

"Why is God punishing me?"

When we put our cares in His hands, He puts His peace in our hearts.
~Author Unknown

"Why is God punishing me?"

Have you ever heard someone say those words? Have you ever said those words or thought them? It breaks my heart to hear those words from anyone (even when I accidentally over hear them). I don’t believe God punishes us. I believe He is a just God.

I believe most of our situations/circumstances are man made. We make bad choice(s) or someone else makes a choice that affects us negatively. That is not God’s will. That is “man’s” will…his free choice. (FYI…I don’t believe God punishes us with illness either.)

I believe that regardless of the situation/circumstances we may find ourselves in…God will see us through it. God will see you through it in His time.

God is there to comfort and guide us. BUT it is up to you.  Pray for comfort, peace and guidance.  Do you turn it over to Him? Do you give Him your pain, anger and disappointment? OR Do you complain about it?

Humble yourself! Do not block your comfort/guidance by complaining. Keep your heart open to Him. Changes will come.

Believing God is my first and only thought.