"My business is not to remake myself, But to make the absolute best of what God made."

~Robert Browning

Monday, March 22, 2010

One Word, Pleasing Smile

“One word or a pleasing smile is often enough to raise up a saddened and wounded soul.”

~Therese of Lisieux

I started an additional blog. Prayers, Praise and Photographs. I wanted to offer prayer, praise and photographs. With everything that has gone on this past couple weeks I felt it is what I needed to do.

Last week was heartbreaking for many. A church member and friend Cheryl S. received the results of her scans. The news was not good. She and her family are a light in a dimly lit world. It breaks my heart the pain in which they are going through. But I believe in the power of our father. Her children are updating her Caring Bridge journal daily (http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/cherylsnyder ). They update for her when she can't. I have been praying for this wonderful family and friends. Our Pastor (Pastor Vic) has been tirelessly visiting them and several others currently in the hospital. Pastor Vic, Barb and many many others has been keeping us all updated on our Church family members. Assisting this family is a gift. 

Many years ago I had a group of friends I would hang out with when my girls were gone for the weekend. This group of people welcomed me with open arms. They accepted me for me. They were fun to be with and kept me laughing instead of crying. We spent many weekends around the pool. Lots of laughter was what I needed (thank you Jaime). As time went by I went about my way, but always thought of them. I am so appreciative of them. This past Wednesday Jaime called to tell me that Jerry and his wife were dead. Both Jerry and his wife Amy were gone. It is so hard to believe especially hearing the story. The circumstances of their death is unbelievable for us that know (and knew) Jerry. Not knowing why is hard for my friends (that still hung out with Jerry and Amy). My heart goes out their families and friends. Some questions will never be answered. My heart hurts for these families and friends.  Not one word will answer these questions, but a smile and a hug go a long way.  Words in Prayer....go a long way.

I have posted my prayer at Prayers, Praise and Photographs. Iwant to encourage you to post your prayers and praise...not sure how you could post a photo, but your prayers and praise are welcome. You all mean so much to me. Thank you for being a light for me in this dim world. I praise God for giving me a light that I may help light up this world.  Remember that your smile or kind word may help others through difficult times.  The person you help could be a stranger.  Treat the world with kindness.  Treat your friends and loved ones with care.  Pray for those who consider you an enemy.  Pray for those who you consider an enemy.  Pray that pride will not win over love.  You never know the plan.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


"A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life."
~Charles Darwin

I hope all is well with you. All is good here. We have experienced some ups, downs, disappointments and happiness this past couple of weeks. I have laughed a lot and prayed a lot since my last post. I am so lucky (truly blessed) through it all. I am so thankful for my life…which includes all the ups, downs and obstacles. I have learned to let the people go that just don’t care about me or who chose not to be in my life (for whatever reason-they are their reasons). I have enjoyed each loving moment with my family and friends. I enjoyed the laughter shared with my Mom, Michael, our girls, my brother in law + his family and my friends. I am joyful of the recovery of Mandy (who spent the day in the ER) and Brittany (who should have been in the ER). They are both still recovering, but they are recovering (stay well my girls-you had me worried). I have enjoyed our visits to my see my father in law (who is recovering beautifully -thank you for your prayers). I enjoyed hearing the news about my father’s good health. No more tests for 5 years…YEAH!!! I am enjoying day dreaming with my Mom...Lexus or 1st class...LOL I am enjoying the gorgeous weather. I actually enjoyed the rain a bit. I am not too sure about Grace’s new doggy cut. I won’t have to have it cut that short again. But like I said ALL IS GOOD HERE!!!

We had the pleasure of keeping our Grand~Angel this past Friday night. She is only 5 and full of personality. She has a beautiful smile, soul and mind. She has an answer, a plan and a story for every occasion. She talked to me about the Psalm she learned at school and its meaning. She showed me the pictures of Jesus she had colored, the letters she was practicing and what she could read. She told me about all her friends and how much she liked them. On the drive home she told me she was going to “have two jobs” when she gets older…she was going to work at Chick-Fil-A and be a teacher. WOW! I asked her about Chick-Fil-A. Her response was, “Nanny, it just looks like it would be fun.” I told her how I always wanted to be a teacher and still planned to teach. She wanted me to teach her. When I told her that wouldn’t be a good idea-she told me she would move to Venus so I could teach her. She assumed it was because we lived in different cities. I explained I was not sure she would listen and really learn from me as she would from a non-family member teacher…her response was “if I promise to learn.” I laughed and told her I was a teacher to her now. I am a Nanny teacher and have different things to teach and show her about life. She still wanted me to be her school teacher too. She looked out the car window and commented “it is such a beautiful day.” We played, she played with Grace, she played with GanPa and had powder donuts for breakfast. We shared much laughter, serious talks, lots of hugs and quality time. What wonderful moments we had with her. ALL IS GOOD HERE!

I want to thank everyone who has sent me emails, text and phone calls in regards to my last posts. I never expected the response I received. You all are a gift to me. Thank you to my neighbor who literally ran across the street to give me a hug. That was a beautiful, heart felt and “you are my friend” hug. I needed that. For my friends and family who sent those “I Love It,” I Love You,” “Ha Ha…the filter,” “you and Karma (both good and not so good.)” and “that is so you” THANK YOU. Thank you for respecting my blog prayer and for praying for us all. Thank you for being my friend, my family and loving me unconditionally. Thank you for developing your own thoughts about me and not relying on others. Thank you for accepting me for who I am. I guess you all can tell I really appreciate your kindness, friendship and love. ALL IS UNEXPECTEDLY GOOD HERE!

I do have some prayer requests. A special lady found out this past Monday she has cancer. She is a lovely person with a beautiful family. They are such a Godly family. A dear sweet friend lost her mother in law this past week. She and her husband have been (and still are) unconditional friends to me and my family. Please continue to lift up my family members and friends in prayer as they continue their road to absolute recovery. All are doing well….better than first expected. WITH PRAYER ALL WILL BE GOOD HERE.

Father, I lift those suffering from illness, heavy hearts, financial burdens, and those that do not know your goodness up to you. I lift them up to you with a sincere heart. I pray for my friends and family that they find the goodness in your word. That I receive your guidance without question. I pray you will show the truth to those who do not see it or seek it. I pray for the health, well-being and for healthy loving hearts for myself, my family and friends. I pray for the continuous healing for those that have been and are ill.

Father, Thank you for giving me another day. Thank you for each moment of my life. Thank you for the obstacles that open my eyes. Thank you for allowing me to suffer in order to find there is goodness. Thank you for my family and friends. Thank you for my parents and all the laughter we share. Thank you for showing me ALL IS GOOD. Thank you for loving me all the days of my life. I will see you in heaven. In your name I pray. AMEN

Be Blessed and Bless Others